Tuesday, August 9, 2011


hi guys..dont remember when was my last post.busy updating blog??nah..i dont think so.Lazy??yes yes..definately.i moved to club floor 2 weeks ago.asked for transfer actually.giving so many crap not to stay at reception..but most importantly is bcoz i dun want to do nite shift anymore.

Anyway..my boss approved.he want me to give a try and learn whats important about serving guest.I was so excited and motivated. Came early for my morning shift (which i dont usually do) hehehe..oh thats becoz i dun really have morning shift.not a morning person thou. Learning the basic at the lounge. Making coffee,serving breakfast and wiping cutlerries. Its actually remind me of early hotel job i've have. Started as a order taker at room service for 2 years.Folding napkin..try to remember how it was back then in Ritz carlton.but it is still very interesting..I dont have to bother to call housekeeping for clean room to check in.hahaha...dont have to count 5k float money,update reg card and lots of balancing everyday. aku dengan bongkaknyer.. LOL

Anyway..it doesnt take me a week to get bored.making coffee everyday,folding napkin,picking up stock,wiping cutlerries and what not is not so fun after all. Not to mention that guest up here is actually very chatty. Nice and friendly, and that makes me realize that i dun like to talk about biz and weather. Being at the reception makes me scared whenever guest come close and ask for coffee.especially when they put their hand on my shoulder..errr...dont come near me pls. LOL

I started miss my colleague at reception. Missed funny iran guest, missed calling housekeeping for inspected room. dont even have chance to go down at B1 cafe and meets friend (fasting month actually ). Having sucky food and catching up especially with Ieja Lavida. LOL. Lounge is just quiet at the moment.guest barely come for afternoon tea.Makes me sleepy and keep looking at my watch.counting hour to go home.Not good.Sigh..am i ungratefull??nah..i dont think so.i just need some challenge and tough situation so that i have something to share.i dun wanna loose my excellent opera skill.and how come i missed night shift now?? :p