Monday, October 4, 2010

More pics from kampung

I must say thank you to FELCRA actually helped to bring some changes to my hometown.Although they pay less to people that work for them,but there's a lot of new thing that the bring in. For ages my hometown has no proper electricity and water supply.People rely on generator that cost them RM15.00 every month.No ironing allowed except for the fluorescent light and tv from 1730hrs to 2300 daily. Exceptional given on friday so that the people can switch on their tv during day time to watch hindustan movie.haha..i remember my late granny black and white tv.people always come to her place to watch tv and they will bring some snacks.i recall we also have big screen tv that shows action movie. We will gather at the school football field and the teachers will put the screen on.The villagers are invited and we gonna have movie marathon.So..the auntie's will prepare some bubur kacang and pengat ubi,Sometime steam tapioca with grated coconut and brown sugar. Oh memory..missed my childhood. So back to FELCRA, now we have proper electricity supply and also proper tar can even see myvi as a taxi from my hometown to the small town call Karakit.its kinda the center for the island where ferry land and for people to buy things. but people still rely on rain and wells for water supply as my the island is quite dry.(p/S have to carry water from the hill sometime,i guess thats why i am small LOL)

My mom Lita with her antique sewing Machine.She made thousands clothes with that machine.i always have to put the thread for her :)

Sunrise @ 0612hrs

The wooden bridge in the morning.A place where we always 'sun bathing',hang out in the evening to watch sunset and tempat untuk mandi-manda..ngee.

My super dad.

The village attacked by pirates few times back in 1993.guess the Phillipines is very near about 45mins by speed boat giving them easy access to attack the place.Well..cant tell much about the pirates incident although i was in the actual place. I was form 3 and no picture taken after the attack.Don't worry, no one hurt..they only took money and jewellery from my poor people.I recall its happen few times and we have to run to the jungle. My parents moved to mainland Kudat in 1986.But i stay in the island till i was form 4 in 1994.So other siblings never get the chance to experience real NAM.My uncle build the "Viet Kong" house in the middle of the jungle so we can keep my late granny safe because the pirates came form the beach.Well...thats life :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Trip To Malacca

Andy Said to me once.."dont go to Malacca.not nice and nothing to see". More or less. i think that was he said.Me,Guan and Aj went to Malacca around 12 noon and we reached Malacca at about thing i notice about this town is that,there's a lot of traffic light.small town with lots of tourist attraction.historical place.but sadly for me,im not into this historical thingy.i am here because of his legendary chicken rice ball..hahaha.1st we went to Jonker Street.tons of art crafts shop.all cute and cheap.clean and i didnt see any rat or roaches at all.Well not at that time and...they practicing 'Melaka Bebas Asap Rokok'.wonder what would happen if we implement that in KL?? LOL.

Me & Guan before 'entering' Jonker Street.My just woke up look :)

1 of the thousand handicraft shops.

My hat that i bought from Jonker Street.surprisingly cheap.RM9.00 and the black 1 belong to Aj.RM4.oo.isnt that great??oh...don't mind the glasses.

isnt my new rantai cute??bought it for RM19.00 :D

i jst like this 1.dunno why..ngeee

Tak makan kat sini pun.sajer amek gambar.

awesome chicken rice.RM20.00 for 3 person include drink.Have to tapau for Aj coz he's fasting.and the rice Ball is RM0.20 per ball.cute and nice

Bibik Cendol @ RM2.00.simple ingredient with only coconut milk,cendol,bean and gula melaka.can refill the gula melaka sampai bosan.Niceeee

Guan had 2nd bowl of cendol with durian.RM3.00.even nicer he said but no durian for me.i not like ^.^

Flying Dutchman.Place for a dead men chest..haha.maritime museum.didnt get the chance to get in as it was closed.but i heard you have to take off your shoes and put plastic instead???plastic as in plastic bag or plastic shoes??i dunno..have to double check with Rome.LOL

Mosque that build with chinese temple influence

RM10.00 for 45 mins ride with the ferry boat.was admiring the houses along the river til we found a bunch of monitor lizards under the bridge.

This is how they spell Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas.we've been punked LOL

This haunted house look remind me of Eeren Chong.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buka Puasa

After 6 days working night shift,Aj took us to Restoran Rebung @ Bangsar for buka puasa.The Restaurant is belong to Chef Ismail and his partner Datuk Dr Sheik Muzaffar.RM55 for awesome traditional malay food,jts perfect for buka puasa.Macam-macam ada.Aj had like 5 bowl of pengat durian.and i had 2 big plate of mix rice with few dessert.banyak juga la aku makan compare to normal meal time.not because i am fasting,but just because i love traditional food. kacang botol with sambal belacan and stuff.Chef Ismail is very friendly.he let us taste his kuih raya.well..he is actually promoting the kuih raya and RM1.00 from the sale will go to the rumah anak-anak yatim.

the restaurant is actually a house that renovate into office,restaurant,kitchen and also prayer payah rushing kalau nak solat.lepas buka puasa can go solat and continue makan.being there is like u attending typical malay wedding.everbody wearing nice malay traditional cloth and they also have malay band that play traditional music. they have 2 section..luar boleh karaoke.not to mention that there's also local artist gathering.i got to meet Jehan Miskin,Tony yussof,samzy and banyak lagi la.tak tau nama..hehe.sorry.

anway..its a perfect place for gathering and buka puasa.RM55 is definitely worth all you can.No need to go to expensive hotel for buka puasa. sigh...i gain 2 kg during ramadhan..oh nooooo

Rebung Restaurant located just behind the Dataran Maybank Bangsar.

we reach there @ almost 8pm.hehe..have to sungkai in the car 1st.hehe...thats the remaining plate.the 1st round already clear by the waiter.

the things that i am good at...posing.behind is actually..picture and paper cut about Chef Ismail. ^.^

Me & Que posing infront of "Dinding Percintaan". LOL

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long and tiring month

seems cant remember when was the last time i lepak @ the operator room.chit chatting with the girls.its super busy everyday.always work with only 1 team member and lots of guest everyday,since Rome admited to the hospital for dengue and Gaya away for her was june i think.god..its really hard working with less ppl and more "penyamun".No more outing after work,i dun even have time for my gym.i gain weight again..back home late everyday..and the biggest challenge is that our Fidelio system is always down.(lagu Down from J Sean jadi background). btw thats the way of fidelio to remind us to renew the license..but its really sucks.sigh..i missed the low occupancy time.I dun have time to update my blog either..

out with yenny after work today.cant stay no more at work since system is down and cannot help much to check in the guest.sorry to Raffi and helen.was tooo tired and no mood to watch movie.i still owe yenny twilight Eclipse since i lost bet to spain for world cup.anyway...have done must do list for end month.sushi :) ..but still.jst sat there and watch the sushi belt running.spent less than RM50.00 for sushi.unbelievable.too tired to we decided to go home and get ready for another busy day :(

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tip Of Borneo

A must visit place whenever i go back home is Simpang Mangazo (Simpang Mangayau). Its a bout 30 minutes driving from pekan kudat.I like to take the kids (niece's and nephews) mandi laut and also play galau.Last visit to Simpang Mangazo cost me a real bad sunburn coz we spent almost the whole day playing by the beach.

Literally, Tanjung means ‘tip’ and ‘Sampang Mangazo’ means a junction where a battle took place. According to Rungus folklore, this was the site of a fierce battle fought by their forefathers, defending Rungus territory against invaders. Local folklore claims that pirates often frequented this area, attacking and looting innocent villagers who lived nearby. The villagers decided to join forces and defend themselves. Hence, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau became an ideal spot to observe the arrival of pirates and foreign ships. The brave warriors stood guard here and kept unwanted visitors at bay.

History also claims that the fleet of the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan, on its voyage to circumnavigate the globe, stopped here for forty-two days to repair their ships. In the distance, you can see a lighthouse. Locals believe that spirits ‘move in’ to this lighthouse when their ‘homes’ in surrounding areas (either on the mainland or nearby islands) are disturbed by human activity. Today, the lighthouse serves as a guiding beacon to passing ships.

The tip that is only a hard rock

Can never get enough playing at the beach of Simpang Mangazo.With a better facilities such as car park and canteen and also easy access, its a worth visit place for family.I just sounded like Malaysian Tourism Board promoting my place..haha

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


called my mom late in the evening to check on her.she still at my aunt house after my cousin wedding.back in the island.Pulau Banggi is the name.She was ok but a little bit tired.long day for the wedding she said and my little sis Nora got massive headache.Dad was out to the beach to check on his 'Kelong'.sigh..make me miss kampung so much.i quickly look for the ticket.planning to go home on august.i bet i will never get off for raya this wanna spend time with family during ramadhan.i havent done that for the past 10 years.i almost forgot the feeling of get up in the morning for sahur and the crowd during buka puasa. My house will super noisy with nephew and nieces.also miss mom cooking. I know i being an absent daughter to my will try to make it up to them.

That is Pulau Banggi.Takes about 45 mins from the mainland (Kudat) by ferry and cost you about RM15.00.The ferry will only stop at Karakit and will have to take a small truck (double cab) to my hometown, Lok Tohog which cost RM2.oo.A lot of changes nowadays.They have better school compared to my previous one.Better facilities i can say.hahaha...cant believe we dont have electricity and water supply for ages.but its cool least people dont have to use lantern and stuff like that.i remembered last time we will have to carry the water all the way from the well at the hill.i wonder if thats made me short and tiny..kidding. LOL

The view of my hometown.

My dad with his fish net.

Fishy fish that can easily found near my fathers boat.

Putu (steam tapioca) my mom favorite.mine too.the different is that mom take it as a substitute for rice.Mom doesnt really like rice actually.and i always have it with sugar..sweet.

The catch of the day

My dad kelong

My mom plucking thorns of ikan buntal (Bloated fish).she always cook that for me whenever i got back know how much your mom love you when they willing to do every single of your favorite thing.shame i cannot eat seafood coz my kampung is a seafod heaven.but still..that doesnt stop me much from eating. :D

its a tradition to make roti jala and penyaram for funeral. the people will help each other to make rice flour from the rice using wooden ball.even they can buy the flour but they prefer to make it themselves.its really fun to listen to the mortar and to sieve the flour.The aunties will come to your place and help with preparation to make the kuih and also to cook lunch for the guest who come and helped.they will gather and invite 1 imam to recite the quran and have makan-makan together.being with people in kampung is more lively.after the kenduri..they will send some of the food to the other house in the neighbourhood.the kids also will get treat of sweets and grandfather passed away when i was little and i lost my granny in 2008,but they still doing the kenduri until today.

Traditional way of sieving the flour

Taking break after the process of making kuih jala and penyaram done.

The kuih penyaram made from rice flour.not my favorite LOL

Have to go now.i got lunch appointment with helen,fadhlee and yenny.i dun wanna be late coz we gonna have sushi for lunch.but i promise to update more pic.