Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Trip To Malacca

Andy Said to me once.."dont go to Malacca.not nice and nothing to see". More or less. i think that was he said.Me,Guan and Aj went to Malacca around 12 noon and we reached Malacca at about 1pm.one thing i notice about this town is that,there's a lot of traffic light.small town with lots of tourist attraction.historical place.but sadly for me,im not into this historical thingy.i am here because of his legendary chicken rice ball..hahaha.1st we went to Jonker Street.tons of art crafts shop.all cute and cheap.clean and i didnt see any rat or roaches at all.Well not at that time and...they practicing 'Melaka Bebas Asap Rokok'.wonder what would happen if we implement that in KL?? LOL.

Me & Guan before 'entering' Jonker Street.My just woke up look :)

1 of the thousand handicraft shops.

My hat that i bought from Jonker Street.surprisingly cheap.RM9.00 and the black 1 belong to Aj.RM4.oo.isnt that great??oh...don't mind the glasses.

isnt my new rantai cute??bought it for RM19.00 :D

i jst like this 1.dunno why..ngeee

Tak makan kat sini pun.sajer amek gambar.

awesome chicken rice.RM20.00 for 3 person include drink.Have to tapau for Aj coz he's fasting.and the rice Ball is RM0.20 per ball.cute and nice

Bibik Cendol @ RM2.00.simple ingredient with only coconut milk,cendol,bean and gula melaka.can refill the gula melaka sampai bosan.Niceeee

Guan had 2nd bowl of cendol with durian.RM3.00.even nicer he said but no durian for me.i not like ^.^

Flying Dutchman.Place for a dead men chest..haha.maritime museum.didnt get the chance to get in as it was closed.but i heard you have to take off your shoes and put plastic instead???plastic as in plastic bag or plastic shoes??i dunno..have to double check with Rome.LOL

Mosque that build with chinese temple influence

RM10.00 for 45 mins ride with the ferry boat.was admiring the houses along the river til we found a bunch of monitor lizards under the bridge.

This is how they spell Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas.we've been punked LOL

This haunted house look remind me of Eeren Chong.

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