Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buka Puasa

After 6 days working night shift,Aj took us to Restoran Rebung @ Bangsar for buka puasa.The Restaurant is belong to Chef Ismail and his partner Datuk Dr Sheik Muzaffar.RM55 for awesome traditional malay food,jts perfect for buka puasa.Macam-macam ada.Aj had like 5 bowl of pengat durian.and i had 2 big plate of mix rice with few dessert.banyak juga la aku makan compare to normal meal time.not because i am fasting,but just because i love traditional food. kacang botol with sambal belacan and stuff.Chef Ismail is very friendly.he let us taste his kuih raya.well..he is actually promoting the kuih raya and RM1.00 from the sale will go to the rumah anak-anak yatim.

the restaurant is actually a house that renovate into office,restaurant,kitchen and also prayer room.so.tak payah rushing kalau nak solat.lepas buka puasa can go solat and continue makan.being there is like u attending typical malay wedding.everbody wearing nice malay traditional cloth and they also have malay band that play traditional music. they have 2 section..luar boleh karaoke.not to mention that there's also local artist gathering.i got to meet Jehan Miskin,Tony yussof,samzy and banyak lagi la.tak tau nama..hehe.sorry.

anway..its a perfect place for gathering and buka puasa.RM55 is definitely worth it.eat all you can.No need to go to expensive hotel for buka puasa. sigh...i gain 2 kg during ramadhan..oh nooooo

Rebung Restaurant located just behind the Dataran Maybank Bangsar.

we reach there @ almost 8pm.hehe..have to sungkai in the car 1st.hehe...thats the remaining plate.the 1st round already clear by the waiter.

the things that i am good at...posing.behind is actually..picture and paper cut about Chef Ismail. ^.^

Me & Que posing infront of "Dinding Percintaan". LOL


rome said...

mother lain kali kalau nak g ajak aku sekali okay..g ramai2..baru best...ini tak ..nak jgk g ngan anak2 ikan ko tu!..huhuhu

Kathleen Johnson said...

ala om..baru la ni mother cek blog.tak prasan ko comment.anyway..ko kena register jadi anak ikan aku dulu..baru boleh bw ko p makan kt sana :D