Tuesday, August 9, 2011


hi guys..dont remember when was my last post.busy updating blog??nah..i dont think so.Lazy??yes yes..definately.i moved to club floor 2 weeks ago.asked for transfer actually.giving so many crap not to stay at reception..but most importantly is bcoz i dun want to do nite shift anymore.

Anyway..my boss approved.he want me to give a try and learn whats important about serving guest.I was so excited and motivated. Came early for my morning shift (which i dont usually do) hehehe..oh thats becoz i dun really have morning shift.not a morning person thou. Learning the basic at the lounge. Making coffee,serving breakfast and wiping cutlerries. Its actually remind me of early hotel job i've have. Started as a order taker at room service for 2 years.Folding napkin..try to remember how it was back then in Ritz carlton.but it is still very interesting..I dont have to bother to call housekeeping for clean room to check in.hahaha...dont have to count 5k float money,update reg card and lots of balancing everyday. aku dengan bongkaknyer.. LOL

Anyway..it doesnt take me a week to get bored.making coffee everyday,folding napkin,picking up stock,wiping cutlerries and what not is not so fun after all. Not to mention that guest up here is actually very chatty. Nice and friendly, and that makes me realize that i dun like to talk about biz and weather. Being at the reception makes me scared whenever guest come close and ask for coffee.especially when they put their hand on my shoulder..errr...dont come near me pls. LOL

I started miss my colleague at reception. Missed funny iran guest, missed calling housekeeping for inspected room. dont even have chance to go down at B1 cafe and meets friend (fasting month actually ). Having sucky food and catching up especially with Ieja Lavida. LOL. Lounge is just quiet at the moment.guest barely come for afternoon tea.Makes me sleepy and keep looking at my watch.counting hour to go home.Not good.Sigh..am i ungratefull??nah..i dont think so.i just need some challenge and tough situation so that i have something to share.i dun wanna loose my excellent opera skill.and how come i missed night shift now?? :p

Friday, April 15, 2011

I been talking about modeling with someone who believe i can model.i mean seriously..me??model??but he seems believe i can, so yeah..what the heck.i got nothing to loose.he want me to submit my portfolio with 5 different outfit and nice background.i was just asking my friend Fadhlee about best place to shoot and he suggest Broga Hill. which i never heard about it before,where on earth is Broga Hill??so i start google and the picture was amazing.That place is beautiful and its actually near KL. but my main issue is now,people climb up all the way just to see the beautiful sunset and i heard few student almost died there.undeniable the place is amazing,and it feels like you doing the video clip of Leona Lewis ..Run.haha..the grass are green and you can see almost everything at the bottom. Anyway..i've done my photoshoot earlier...no broga as my photographer refused to climb.But we made a little trip with colleague after my nigt shift.it was kinda last minute,i got reminder wake up call at 0430hrs from kak maz (tak minta wake up call pun) i was planning to bail on the trip :P.later Om called at 0450hrs saying he's downstairs and ready to go.sigh...woke up dengan tak relanya sebab tak nak kecewakan om.(he wasnt there after all).he came later around 5am and rushed to the hotel where we supposed to meet.orang dah cakap..janji melayu..no one there except ija and cicak.Took off from the hotel and gather at cheras around 6am and reached there at 0730hrs.soo much for janji melayu..spoiled my mood in the morning.bebeling all the way from kl to semenyih.dah la tu..sesat lagi.alumak....

Masih membebel lagi coz we missed the sunrise.we reached around 0730hrs and most of people is leaving.Om bukan main semangat suruh bawa torch light..LOL

tetap berposing walaupun kecewa.buat buat happy jer :P

Cicak not in this photo.he went up earlier to captured the moment but dah terlambat.


surprisingly there were so many people.some of them even bring a baby to climb up.

View from the 2nd top.

View from the top.To get here was a bit hard.i was wearing flat which i normally wear for times square LOL.

Yay..made it to the top.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Working like crazy everyday make me soo wanna go home.just want to bury myself in the white sand.watching sunset and get sunburn LOL ( not sun tan) coz it is too hot to be under the sun.last time i got pretty bad sunburn.look like i was a victim of abusive bf.hahah..

watching sunset at Simpang Mengayau really give u a peace of mind.no sound of buses or cars honking. just lay down on the white sand and watch the sunset goes down. tapi skang too many tourist come.though its not crowded but i like it the way it used to be.just small village with little people.i want the beach all for myself..hahah.last time, you can go fishing and have a barbeque by the beach and there's no one at all.Boleh ker??

No surfing allowed coz current cant be so crazy sumtime.but would love to try that 1 day.after few steps..air actually memang dah dalam till about my waist.so..normally just play near thebeach.tak berani pegi dalam-dalam :D

Dah petang..sunset look so amazing.normally my mom will bebelling and ask us to get ready to go home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


February 23 was the saddest day.I lost my beloved uncle to a cancer.Lung Cancer precisely.He was a heavy smoker just like my lil brother otok.I was working nite shift when i got informed that he just passed away (while his kids) on the way home to Pulau Banggi.Took me sometime to process.I couldnt cry..until i spoke to my cousin Farah as she was crying.Uncle Ben was like a father to me.I spent more time at their home when i was little after my family moved to mainland.Uncle Ben always treated me like his kids.Tought me english and math and hunting.he loves his neighbour and the neighbour loves him.He used to call us sisters with 3 different name. He called me korea (though i dont have fair skin and mata yang sepet), Jepun for my second sister Nora (Fair skin and long straight hair) and India for Rae mae (she is the darkest and curly hair just like my dad)

To reach the main town of Karakit on Pulau Banggi there are daily ferry services that depart from the northern fishing town of Kudat. Kudat is a three hour driving from Kota Kinabalu – the state capital of Sabah, Malaysia.The operation hour is only 9am and 3pm.if u missed this you will have to stay at kudat and wait for the next day to get to the pulau.

The saddest morning.The flag as a symbol for any kenduri,either kenduri kahwin or kenduri arwah.

waiting for the turn to check facebook LOL

Everything seems sad and gloomy.but my mom maintain cantik.oh forgot to mention that my late uncle made a promise to my mom that he will stop smoking.but everything happened so fast.its just like a blink and he's gone.

Ladies..bergotong royong to distribute the kuih to orang kampung whom came to help.Tradisi orang kampung yang datang berziarah either to help to prepare food or recite yassin untuk arwah.

Bekas ratu cantik Lumais tengah show off macam mana nak buat kuih.

Dah siap pun.siap untuk diagih-agihkan kat orang kampung.

My dad tengah bersembang sambil minum-minum kat beranda.actually this is my aunt house kat Pulau Banggi and the graveyard is just at the back of the house.

Al-fatihah for uncle Ben.may he rest in peace.Amin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i am back

Oh blog...here i come.Its been almost a year after my last entry ..i think.i wish i have the patient to update my blog like Eeren and Romzi.though i have so many thing to share..but guess i am just lazy to update.i wrote so many thing but then i keep it as a draft.and never continue doing it again,anyway..i lost my beloved uncle a month ago.hard to believe he's gone but yeah..thats life. just want to share few changes back at home.people change,place and stuff.i cannot recognize certain uncle or auntie..hehe.dont blame me..i am not a homey person.dont really go home but stay in kl and complain about life,job and polluted air.how people turn to be nasty compared to 10 years ago when i 1st came to kl?? My brother asked to come home and start new life.He was mention about goat breeding.i mean Me??and i said this to my brother.."aku yang cantik ni ko suruh balik kampung ternak kambing??""hahah..was just messing with my brother.he found the perfect place for that.courtesy from FELCRA..all of the resident got their own land to build house or whatever.though they build low cost house for the worker. Anyway..you mite notice that the hill and the grass look like Broga Hill in Semenyih.check this out.

Better tar road to enter the kampung from main jetty at Kampung Karakit (25mins by car ). And hey..that was my school on the right LOL

Daily activities for orang kampung after long tiring day at work.

Low cost house build by FELCRA (with male model and his motorbike)

Perfect spot to breed my anak-anak kambing.never ending grass supply LOL.but i was thinking to build a house here.nice view too

Look like Broga Hill eh?

Monday, October 4, 2010

More pics from kampung

I must say thank you to FELCRA actually helped to bring some changes to my hometown.Although they pay less to people that work for them,but there's a lot of new thing that the bring in. For ages my hometown has no proper electricity and water supply.People rely on generator that cost them RM15.00 every month.No ironing allowed except for the fluorescent light and tv from 1730hrs to 2300 daily. Exceptional given on friday so that the people can switch on their tv during day time to watch hindustan movie.haha..i remember my late granny black and white tv.people always come to her place to watch tv and they will bring some snacks.i recall we also have big screen tv that shows action movie. We will gather at the school football field and the teachers will put the screen on.The villagers are invited and we gonna have movie marathon.So..the auntie's will prepare some bubur kacang and pengat ubi,Sometime steam tapioca with grated coconut and brown sugar. Oh memory..missed my childhood. So back to FELCRA, now we have proper electricity supply and also proper tar road.you can even see myvi as a taxi from my hometown to the small town call Karakit.its kinda the center for the island where ferry land and for people to buy things. but people still rely on rain and wells for water supply as my the island is quite dry.(p/S have to carry water from the hill sometime,i guess thats why i am small LOL)

My mom Lita with her antique sewing Machine.She made thousands clothes with that machine.i always have to put the thread for her :)

Sunrise @ 0612hrs

The wooden bridge in the morning.A place where we always 'sun bathing',hang out in the evening to watch sunset and tempat untuk mandi-manda..ngee.

My super hero..my dad.

The village attacked by pirates few times back in 1993.guess the Phillipines is very near about 45mins by speed boat giving them easy access to attack the place.Well..cant tell much about the pirates incident although i was in the actual place. I was form 3 and no picture taken after the attack.Don't worry, no one hurt..they only took money and jewellery from my poor people.I recall its happen few times and we have to run to the jungle. My parents moved to mainland Kudat in 1986.But i stay in the island till i was form 4 in 1994.So other siblings never get the chance to experience real NAM.My uncle build the "Viet Kong" house in the middle of the jungle so we can keep my late granny safe because the pirates came form the beach.Well...thats life :)