Thursday, April 7, 2011


February 23 was the saddest day.I lost my beloved uncle to a cancer.Lung Cancer precisely.He was a heavy smoker just like my lil brother otok.I was working nite shift when i got informed that he just passed away (while his kids) on the way home to Pulau Banggi.Took me sometime to process.I couldnt cry..until i spoke to my cousin Farah as she was crying.Uncle Ben was like a father to me.I spent more time at their home when i was little after my family moved to mainland.Uncle Ben always treated me like his kids.Tought me english and math and hunting.he loves his neighbour and the neighbour loves him.He used to call us sisters with 3 different name. He called me korea (though i dont have fair skin and mata yang sepet), Jepun for my second sister Nora (Fair skin and long straight hair) and India for Rae mae (she is the darkest and curly hair just like my dad)

To reach the main town of Karakit on Pulau Banggi there are daily ferry services that depart from the northern fishing town of Kudat. Kudat is a three hour driving from Kota Kinabalu – the state capital of Sabah, Malaysia.The operation hour is only 9am and 3pm.if u missed this you will have to stay at kudat and wait for the next day to get to the pulau.

The saddest morning.The flag as a symbol for any kenduri,either kenduri kahwin or kenduri arwah.

waiting for the turn to check facebook LOL

Everything seems sad and gloomy.but my mom maintain cantik.oh forgot to mention that my late uncle made a promise to my mom that he will stop smoking.but everything happened so fast.its just like a blink and he's gone.

Ladies..bergotong royong to distribute the kuih to orang kampung whom came to help.Tradisi orang kampung yang datang berziarah either to help to prepare food or recite yassin untuk arwah.

Bekas ratu cantik Lumais tengah show off macam mana nak buat kuih.

Dah siap pun.siap untuk diagih-agihkan kat orang kampung.

My dad tengah bersembang sambil minum-minum kat beranda.actually this is my aunt house kat Pulau Banggi and the graveyard is just at the back of the house.

Al-fatihah for uncle Ben.may he rest in peace.Amin

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