Friday, April 15, 2011

I been talking about modeling with someone who believe i can model.i mean he seems believe i can, so yeah..what the heck.i got nothing to loose.he want me to submit my portfolio with 5 different outfit and nice background.i was just asking my friend Fadhlee about best place to shoot and he suggest Broga Hill. which i never heard about it before,where on earth is Broga Hill??so i start google and the picture was amazing.That place is beautiful and its actually near KL. but my main issue is now,people climb up all the way just to see the beautiful sunset and i heard few student almost died there.undeniable the place is amazing,and it feels like you doing the video clip of Leona Lewis ..Run.haha..the grass are green and you can see almost everything at the bottom. Anyway..i've done my photoshoot broga as my photographer refused to climb.But we made a little trip with colleague after my nigt was kinda last minute,i got reminder wake up call at 0430hrs from kak maz (tak minta wake up call pun) i was planning to bail on the trip :P.later Om called at 0450hrs saying he's downstairs and ready to go.sigh...woke up dengan tak relanya sebab tak nak kecewakan om.(he wasnt there after all).he came later around 5am and rushed to the hotel where we supposed to meet.orang dah cakap..janji one there except ija and cicak.Took off from the hotel and gather at cheras around 6am and reached there at 0730hrs.soo much for janji melayu..spoiled my mood in the morning.bebeling all the way from kl to semenyih.dah la tu..sesat lagi.alumak....

Masih membebel lagi coz we missed the sunrise.we reached around 0730hrs and most of people is leaving.Om bukan main semangat suruh bawa torch light..LOL

tetap berposing walaupun kecewa.buat buat happy jer :P

Cicak not in this photo.he went up earlier to captured the moment but dah terlambat.


surprisingly there were so many people.some of them even bring a baby to climb up.

View from the 2nd top.

View from the top.To get here was a bit hard.i was wearing flat which i normally wear for times square LOL.

Yay..made it to the top.

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