Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i am back

Oh i come.Its been almost a year after my last entry ..i think.i wish i have the patient to update my blog like Eeren and Romzi.though i have so many thing to share..but guess i am just lazy to update.i wrote so many thing but then i keep it as a draft.and never continue doing it again,anyway..i lost my beloved uncle a month ago.hard to believe he's gone but yeah..thats life. just want to share few changes back at home.people change,place and stuff.i cannot recognize certain uncle or auntie..hehe.dont blame me..i am not a homey person.dont really go home but stay in kl and complain about life,job and polluted people turn to be nasty compared to 10 years ago when i 1st came to kl?? My brother asked to come home and start new life.He was mention about goat breeding.i mean Me??and i said this to my brother.."aku yang cantik ni ko suruh balik kampung ternak kambing??""hahah..was just messing with my brother.he found the perfect place for that.courtesy from FELCRA..all of the resident got their own land to build house or whatever.though they build low cost house for the worker. mite notice that the hill and the grass look like Broga Hill in Semenyih.check this out.

Better tar road to enter the kampung from main jetty at Kampung Karakit (25mins by car ). And hey..that was my school on the right LOL

Daily activities for orang kampung after long tiring day at work.

Low cost house build by FELCRA (with male model and his motorbike)

Perfect spot to breed my anak-anak kambing.never ending grass supply LOL.but i was thinking to build a house here.nice view too

Look like Broga Hill eh?

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