Monday, October 4, 2010

More pics from kampung

I must say thank you to FELCRA actually helped to bring some changes to my hometown.Although they pay less to people that work for them,but there's a lot of new thing that the bring in. For ages my hometown has no proper electricity and water supply.People rely on generator that cost them RM15.00 every month.No ironing allowed except for the fluorescent light and tv from 1730hrs to 2300 daily. Exceptional given on friday so that the people can switch on their tv during day time to watch hindustan movie.haha..i remember my late granny black and white tv.people always come to her place to watch tv and they will bring some snacks.i recall we also have big screen tv that shows action movie. We will gather at the school football field and the teachers will put the screen on.The villagers are invited and we gonna have movie marathon.So..the auntie's will prepare some bubur kacang and pengat ubi,Sometime steam tapioca with grated coconut and brown sugar. Oh memory..missed my childhood. So back to FELCRA, now we have proper electricity supply and also proper tar can even see myvi as a taxi from my hometown to the small town call Karakit.its kinda the center for the island where ferry land and for people to buy things. but people still rely on rain and wells for water supply as my the island is quite dry.(p/S have to carry water from the hill sometime,i guess thats why i am small LOL)

My mom Lita with her antique sewing Machine.She made thousands clothes with that machine.i always have to put the thread for her :)

Sunrise @ 0612hrs

The wooden bridge in the morning.A place where we always 'sun bathing',hang out in the evening to watch sunset and tempat untuk mandi-manda..ngee.

My super dad.

The village attacked by pirates few times back in 1993.guess the Phillipines is very near about 45mins by speed boat giving them easy access to attack the place.Well..cant tell much about the pirates incident although i was in the actual place. I was form 3 and no picture taken after the attack.Don't worry, no one hurt..they only took money and jewellery from my poor people.I recall its happen few times and we have to run to the jungle. My parents moved to mainland Kudat in 1986.But i stay in the island till i was form 4 in 1994.So other siblings never get the chance to experience real NAM.My uncle build the "Viet Kong" house in the middle of the jungle so we can keep my late granny safe because the pirates came form the beach.Well...thats life :)

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