Monday, April 11, 2011


Working like crazy everyday make me soo wanna go home.just want to bury myself in the white sand.watching sunset and get sunburn LOL ( not sun tan) coz it is too hot to be under the sun.last time i got pretty bad sunburn.look like i was a victim of abusive bf.hahah..

watching sunset at Simpang Mengayau really give u a peace of sound of buses or cars honking. just lay down on the white sand and watch the sunset goes down. tapi skang too many tourist come.though its not crowded but i like it the way it used to be.just small village with little people.i want the beach all for myself..hahah.last time, you can go fishing and have a barbeque by the beach and there's no one at all.Boleh ker??

No surfing allowed coz current cant be so crazy sumtime.but would love to try that 1 day.after few steps..air actually memang dah dalam till about my just play near thebeach.tak berani pegi dalam-dalam :D

Dah petang..sunset look so amazing.normally my mom will bebelling and ask us to get ready to go home.

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