Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long and tiring month

seems cant remember when was the last time i lepak @ the operator room.chit chatting with the girls.its super busy everyday.always work with only 1 team member and lots of guest everyday,since Rome admited to the hospital for dengue and Gaya away for her was june i think.god..its really hard working with less ppl and more "penyamun".No more outing after work,i dun even have time for my gym.i gain weight again..back home late everyday..and the biggest challenge is that our Fidelio system is always down.(lagu Down from J Sean jadi background). btw thats the way of fidelio to remind us to renew the license..but its really sucks.sigh..i missed the low occupancy time.I dun have time to update my blog either..

out with yenny after work today.cant stay no more at work since system is down and cannot help much to check in the guest.sorry to Raffi and helen.was tooo tired and no mood to watch movie.i still owe yenny twilight Eclipse since i lost bet to spain for world cup.anyway...have done must do list for end month.sushi :) ..but still.jst sat there and watch the sushi belt running.spent less than RM50.00 for sushi.unbelievable.too tired to we decided to go home and get ready for another busy day :(

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