Sunday, May 30, 2010

POcho Pocho

This Minahasa site quoting one Ibu Harimawan, a ballroom dance teacher said that poco-poco was made popular by the ABRI or the Indonesian army. Apart from poco-poco, two other community dances – tebe-tebe and sojojo have been popular since the 1990’s. Another Yogya’s dance teacher said the poco-poco originates from the Moluccas, specifically from Ambon. Relates to a kind of wild dance under the possession of what was believed to be, of ‘ancestral spirits’.

However, Irian Jaya danced the poco-poco style when they are harvesting the padi. The arm movement during dancing the poco-poco actually resembles hoeing, rowing or sowing. and guest what, i get to record the dance during my best friend wedding back in my hometown and i didnt even know that we had it.haha..i guess its spread wide and even my people get to dance to it. lucky they never claimed its theirs LOL